Are heat pumps cheaper than wood stoves?

Answer According to a Google Price product search, a heat pump can cost $400 to $700 on the low end and up to $4,000 on the high end. This does not include installation. A wood stove starts at $200 and g... Read More »

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The Disadvantages of Heat Pumps to Heat a Swimming Pool?

Heat pumps are used in houses and swimming pools. The pumps use a refrigerant gas to transfer heat from the air to the pool. The gas has a high heat transfer capability, and is compressed to concen... Read More »

Who made Wood-Aire wood burning stoves?

The Wood-Aire brand is owned by the Wood-Aire Fireplace Manufacturing Co., Inc. The company is headquartered in Commerce, Oklahoma. Wood-Aire sells forced-air and wood-burning fireplaces for use in... Read More »

Ways to Make Wood Last Longer in Wood Stoves?

Wood stoves offer alternative heating. The wood-burning appliance provides supplemental heat to conventional home heating and emergency heat during power outages. Flames dancing in a wood stove of... Read More »

Can pellet stoves heat from the basement?

On One Hand: They Can Be Installed Almost AnywhereMany people prefer to hide their furnaces so they can't be seen by guests, but they want to be sure the heat source can adequately heat the househo... Read More »