Are health insurance benefits considered income by the IRS?

Answer Generally, the IRS does not consider the value of accident or health plan coverage that your employer provides to you as income. For example, a Health FSA (flexible spending arrangement) is not inc... Read More »

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Is a health insurance payment considered an income?

If your employer pays you a bonus at the end of year equal to the amount of your health insurance deductible, the Internal Revenue Service considers this additional income and not reimbursement.Ref... Read More »

Are life insurance benefits considered income in Indiana?

On One Hand: Life Insurance Cash Value.In Indiana, life insurance with cash value does get taxed if the owner surrenders the death benefit. Calculate the amount by subtracting premium payments paid... Read More »

Are life insurance benefits considered taxable income?

Life insurance benefits are considered by the Internal Revenue Service to be taxable income under certain circumstances. The amount subject to income taxation varies depending on how the benefit is... Read More »

Is a contribution toward a health insurance premium considered income?

Yes, they are, provided you pay the insurance premium out of your taxable income and meet the guidelines spelled out in IRS Publication 502, "Medical and Dental Expenses." Any premiums paid by an e... Read More »