Are headphones unhealthy for kids ears?

Answer On average they are unhealthy because a person's ears are sensitve to loud sounds. The more you use these things the more damage you cause - it is slow, but it does add up. The problem with kids us... Read More »

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Are Ultimate Ear headphones better for your ears then other headphones?

Yes. Ultimate Ear headphones are, as claimed, ultimate, meaning that all other headphones and their manufacturers cower in their presence. Ultimate also makes frisbees.

Can headphones damage your childrens ears?

It has been scientifically proven that loud music over prolonged periods can damage the eardrums of developing children. It is important that you get your child earphones with safety features that ... Read More »

Can my ears be moved down if I use headphones too much?

Google if thats possible. But i dont think head phones can move a whole ear down. Thats like saying a hat will make a dent in your head . Lol i wouldnt worry..

Why do my ears hurt when I wear headphones?

The buds may be too big for your ear opening.Anything that goes inside your ear can cause an infection.Maybe you should look for larger earphones that go over your ear. There are some that can blo... Read More »