Are headphones legal while driving in NH?

Answer Lots of places sell Gumy Earphones, try HMV or a local technology shop. Depending on where you live or what country but you can try phone shops, example Orange Shop or Vodafone. Or you could just o... Read More »

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Are headphones legal while driving?

Check the head phone port in the radio.Did you insert any other head phone jacks inside that port.It would have been jammed inside.Try inserting another head phone.

Are headphones legal while driving in Texas?

sorry, but you cant that's only for the 2nd generation

Driving with headphones in?

No, of course it is not safe. But people are "immortal" by not thinking as to their fragility. In my opinion, far too many people have gotten killed in so many ways with distractions. In fact, the ... Read More »

Which states allow headphones while driving?

Those used to be offered by but looks like they are now discontinued. There are a lot of other styles novelty earbuds you can find online. A good deal of them are made b... Read More »