Can headaches be a sign you are pregnant?

Answer Hormonal changes trigger increased blood circulation, which can cause mild headaches in women during early stages of pregnancy. Tender breasts and fatigue often accompany this symptom. Other hormon... Read More »

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You feel pregnant but your period isn't due for 7 days i have had blood nose and nausea and headaches with tiredness could you be pregnant?

Can headaches be a sign of pregnancy?

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you never get headaches but have recently been getting very bad ones?

Answer it could be, but it could also be a sign of stress or any number of other things, go and see your doctor to get checked out.

Are headaches a sign of low blood pressure?

Headaches are not a common symptom of low pressure. More common symptoms of low blood pressure are fainting, dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue and nausea. Low blood pressure without other symptoms... Read More »