Are hazelnuts the same as filberts?

Answer "Filbert" and "hazelnut" are two different names for the same kind of nut. Oregon is home to more than 3.1 million hazelnut trees, which makes the state the top producer of the nut in the United St... Read More »

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What is the difference between filberts&hazelnuts?

Both the hazelnut and the filbert are of the same tree genus--Corylus, which includes the common hazel and other varieties of hazel trees and shrubs. Closely related, both are edible nuts cultivate... Read More »

Where do hazelnuts come from?

Hazelnuts, sometimes referred to as filberts, come from hazelnut trees. Hazelnut trees are found throughout North America. However, they don't flourish to the point of offering a plentiful nut harv... Read More »

When should you pick hazelnuts?

On One Hand: In Fall, After They Drop to the GroundYou should pick hazelnuts in the fall, generally when the leaves have changed color and are falling. After the hazelnuts have fallen to the ground... Read More »

When are hazelnuts in season?

The Oregon hazelnut season extends from late summer through October. Mature fruit falls to the ground, where it is swept into windrows and harvested by machine, according to Oregon is t... Read More »