Are hand dryers unsanitary?

Answer On One Hand: May Increase BacteriaClaims that hand dryers are unsanitary stem from a 2009 study by the University of Westminster in London that found a 437 percent increase in certain types of bact... Read More »

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Are air hand dryers sanitary?

On One Hand: Hand Dryers Increase BacteriaAfter people use hand air dryers, the bacteria level on their hands increases by more than 500 percent; when a paper towel is used, bacteria is reduced by ... Read More »

When were the first hand dryers invented?

Hand dryers were invented in 1948 for public restrooms. When a person placed their hands underneath the hand dryer it blew hot air that allowed people to dry their hands. With the invention of the ... Read More »

Disadvantages of Hand Dryers?

When washing up and preparing to leave a public restroom, you are likely to run into one of two types of hand-drying options. The paper towel dispenser is the old standard, while the automatic air ... Read More »

Are hand dryers safe?

On One Hand: Hand Dryers Increase BacteriaAccording to a study by the University of Westminster, using hand dryers increases the bacteria on your hands by 254% and on the pads of your fingers by 19... Read More »