Are hamsters good pets?

Answer On One Hand: Low MaintenanceHamsters that have been handled by humans while they are young are docile, loving pets. They manage themselves in a couple of major areas: grooming and exercise. They ar... Read More »

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Are hamsters good pets for children?

On One Hand: Hamsters are Docile PetsHamsters are small and easy to maintain and tame---important attributes for a child's pet. Children tend to neglect their responsibilities with cats and dogs du... Read More »

Are hamsters healthy pets?

Hamsters are healthy pets provided the caretaker is willing to feed and house them correctly and take them to the vet at the first sign of illness. Syrian hamsters can live up to four years, but dw... Read More »

Are hamsters healthy pets for humans?

On One Hand: Hamsters Are a Healthy AdditionIf you take good care of your hamster and socialize him early to being handled gently by humans, he will make a very healthy pet for your family. Take th... Read More »

How to Have Good Breeding Hamsters?

Good breeding hamsters how to...listed below!