Are halogen lights safe?

Answer On One Hand: They're DangerousHalogen lamps can reach temperatures of 1000 degrees F. Because they are so hot, they present a significant fire hazard. If bulbs are placed near easily combustible ma... Read More »

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How safe are halogen lights to warm dogs?

Halogen lights can be extremely dangerous to dogs because of their propensity to shatter. They can reach temperatures of 970 degrees Fahrenheit, and the shattered glass can severely burn or overhea... Read More »

How to Install Halogen Lights on a Car?

A majority of cars are equipped with halogen headlights and tail lights. However like all light bulbs, halogen lights will eventually need to be replaced. Although you can replace your bulbs with O... Read More »

About Halogen Shop Lights?

Adequate shop lighting is needed to eliminate eye strain, prevent headaches, and avoid compromising safety. Halogen shop lights burn more brightly than conventional bulbs, and they don't flicker li... Read More »

Is Having Bright Halogen Lights Against The Law?

Blue-tinted halogen lights imitate the more expensive, xenon-based, high intensity discharge lights. HID lights, mostly found in high-end cars, are bright blue and may cause discomfort for some dri... Read More »