Are halogen bulbs dimmable?

Answer Halogen bulbs are dimmable. According to Westinghouse, a manufacturer of light bulbs, a halogen bulb is similar to an incandescent light bulb, except it burns hotter and brighter. Just like an inca... Read More »

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Are LED light bulbs dimmable?

Light emitting diodes (also known as LEDs) are operated by electrical current. To adjust the brightness in an LED power circuit, an electrical resistor (or set of resistors) must be wired in series... Read More »

Are LEDs replacement bulbs dimmable?

Check the specs on your led replacements. They will tell you what dimming method, if any, to use. Most led's I've seen can not be dimmed. They are either on or off.

Are halogen bulbs hotter than incandescent bulbs?

Halogen light bulbs burn hotter than incandescent bulbs because they are filled with pressurized halogen gas. These light bulbs also last up to three times longer, according to the Westinghouse Lig... Read More »

How to Use Non-Dimmable Bulbs With a Dimmer Switch?

Using a dimmer switch enables you to set the mood of a room by varying its lighting. Also known as a rheostat, a dimmer switch limits electric current passing through a light bulb by increasing the... Read More »