Are halogen bulbs dangerous to your health?

Answer On One Hand: If You Touch ThemHalogen bulbs burn very hot, according to They can reach temperatures of up to 970 degrees F, which will catch most paper products on fire. I... Read More »

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Are halogen bulbs hotter than incandescent bulbs?

Halogen light bulbs burn hotter than incandescent bulbs because they are filled with pressurized halogen gas. These light bulbs also last up to three times longer, according to the Westinghouse Lig... Read More »

Are halogen bulbs efficient?

On One Hand: Compared to Regular Incandescent BulbsJust how efficient halogen lights actually are depends on the quality of the gas they use. But generally speaking, halogen bulbs are 10 percent to... Read More »

Are halogen bulbs dimmable?

Halogen bulbs are dimmable. According to Westinghouse, a manufacturer of light bulbs, a halogen bulb is similar to an incandescent light bulb, except it burns hotter and brighter. Just like an inca... Read More »

Are halogen bulbs eco friendly?

On One Hand: Fluorescent Lighting Is More EcofriendlyIn terms of energy consumption, halogen bulbs are not very ecofriendly. Compared to a regular incandescent bulb, a halogen bulb use 20 to 30 per... Read More »