Are gym ellipticals accurate?

Answer On One Hand: Inaccurate Calorie CountsCalorie counters on a fitness machine, especially older models, often are inaccurate because of fluctuating factors such as weight and intensity of exercise, a... Read More »

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What are the benefits of ellipticals?

An elliptical is a machine used for a cardiovascular workout. It offers aerobic conditioning, calorie burning and strength building without the high-impact movements of a treadmill workout.Identif... Read More »

Are ellipticals efficient calorie burners?

On One Hand: Compared to TreadmillsElliptical machines work out the body by forcing the legs to work in a way that simulates the muscle movements of both running and cycling. Working out on an elli... Read More »

Are smooth ellipticals worth the money?

On One Hand: If It Fits Your Specific NeedsSmooth Elliptical machines start around $1,700 if you buy directly from the manufacturer. When you divide that cost into 12 months, it comes to $142 per m... Read More »

Which is more accurate?

wikipedia by far is more accurate than yahoo answersBUT, you don't get results from real people, just facts written down.On yahoo answers, people look for the answer to your specific question