How to Be Stronger Than a Guy (for Girls)?

Answer Many girls have been annoyed by guys, it happens all the time, a cocky, macho guy who thinks he is so much cooler because he has got big shoulders. Well, he may not be as 'hot' as he thinks he is.

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Girls please Im very weak. are you stronger than me?

Honestly, that definitely isn't normal. even with arms your size, you should be able to atleast lift a 6 pound weight. You should consider seeing a doctor.

Why do girls have bigger thighs than guys?

I think guys are able to make muscle quicker and women need that mid-section with more fat for bearing children.

Why do girls have bigger hips than guys?

Because men don't need to bear children. Hips are cool :D

Who Looks More Attractive ""African Guys Or American Guys""(Only Girls)?

depends. its not about skin color, there are hot white and african guys