Are gumy headphones water proof?

Answer Sennheiser 202's Mark II, I don't own them but they have many good reviews, I own these and they are brilliant! Sennheiser HD 555

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Are jvc gumy headphones good?

Is just me or do Gumy Headphones suck ***?

I bought my first Gummy headphones and they broke! Like the rubber around it like you said, rips out and it pissed me out. I was like.. "I am never buy these again!" I went to best buy to buy anoth... Read More »

If you have a water proof case for your ipod do you have to have waterproof headphones?

the magnet pulls a spring which vibrates a speaker to make high and low sounds ths is all caused by wires and other things that have radio thing majigs which know what song it is so it tells how mu... Read More »

What is the difference between a water resistant watch and a water proof watch?

Water resistant means you can wear it in the rain. Waterproof means you can wear it in the pool.