Are grow lights&tanning bulbs the same?

Answer Even though grow lights and tanning bulbs both come in incandescent and florescent varieties, they are not the same. Grow light bulbs have a protective coating that prevents ultraviolet rays from s... Read More »

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How do I grow bulbs under grow lights?

Prepare PlantersFill planters with an equal mixture of quick-draining potting soil and compost to provide a growing foundation for the bulbs. Add a phosphorous fertilizer to the soil to encourage r... Read More »

How do bulbs grow?

Bulbs present gardeners with a simple way to ensure a beautiful garden every season. To understand how bulbs grow you first need to understand bulb basics and the different types of bulbs.Definitio... Read More »

Do other bulbs work the same as an incandescent light bulb?

The incandescent light bulb, which until recent years was the most commonly used light bulb in homes, is only one of several kinds of bulbs. Each of the different types of bulbs works on slightly d... Read More »

Do all the light bulbs in your house die at ruffly the same time?

This is proof that life expectancies on these things are about right. I bet you moved into the house and had to buy a whole load of light bulbs, fitted them at the same time etc. Have you noticed... Read More »