Are grow lights&tanning bulbs the same?

Answer Even though grow lights and tanning bulbs both come in incandescent and florescent varieties, they are not the same. Grow light bulbs have a protective coating that prevents ultraviolet rays from s... Read More »

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How do I grow bulbs under grow lights?

Prepare PlantersFill planters with an equal mixture of quick-draining potting soil and compost to provide a growing foundation for the bulbs. Add a phosphorous fertilizer to the soil to encourage r... Read More »

How do bulbs grow?

Bulbs present gardeners with a simple way to ensure a beautiful garden every season. To understand how bulbs grow you first need to understand bulb basics and the different types of bulbs.Definitio... Read More »

Do peonies grow from bulbs?

Herbaceous and tree peonies do not grow from bulbs. These perennial, flowering plants grow when bare roots are planted or a potted peony is transplanted. Peonies may bloom for up to 50 years, accor... Read More »

How do i grow onions from bulbs?

Choosing Onion SetsChoose small and firm onion sets that have not sprouted. Large onion sets can produce a flower stalk early, which could stunt the growth of the onion.PlantingPlant the sets in mi... Read More »