Are greenhouses profitable?

Answer On One Hand: They Can Be ProfitableIt is possible to run a profitable greenhouse business, according to Louisiana Agriculture Magazine. Like any other business, you need to cut down on costs and se... Read More »

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Greenhouses at Schools?

Schools that provide access to greenhouses offer opportunities for students to get involved in many ways. Plants provide a nurturing learning experience for students of all ages. Greenhouses can he... Read More »

How do I heat greenhouses?

Passive HeatingPlace large barrels of water on a north-facing wall of your greenhouse. The barrels of water will absorb heat from the sun during the day and radiate the heat when the temperature dr... Read More »

An Introduction to Greenhouses?

Greenhouses are buildings that can be used for a number of growing purposes, from producing plants out of season to sustaining a climate that supports growing to providing families with food. The s... Read More »

How to Bend Pipe for Greenhouses?

Bending aluminum or steel pipe for use in greenhouses is accomplished with a manual conduit bending tool. The tool, called a conduit bender with handle, is usually cast iron or aluminum die-cast co... Read More »