Are greenhouses profitable?

Answer On One Hand: They Can Be ProfitableIt is possible to run a profitable greenhouse business, according to Louisiana Agriculture Magazine. Like any other business, you need to cut down on costs and se... Read More »

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What are greenhouses used for?

To separate the internal environment from the outside, usually to grow plants that do not do well in the normal environment of your location. The oldest use is just to heat the local environment t... Read More »

How many sizes of greenhouses are there?

Greenhouses have no set size and can be built as small or large as you want. The only limits on size are zoning regulations and cost of construction when building a greenhouse.References:University... Read More »

How do I heat greenhouses?

Passive HeatingPlace large barrels of water on a north-facing wall of your greenhouse. The barrels of water will absorb heat from the sun during the day and radiate the heat when the temperature dr... Read More »

Greenhouses at Schools?

Schools that provide access to greenhouses offer opportunities for students to get involved in many ways. Plants provide a nurturing learning experience for students of all ages. Greenhouses can he... Read More »