Are grapevines deer-resistant?

Answer On One Hand: Grapevines on Deer-Resistant ListsPlants are determined to be deer-resistant based on whether the plant is poisonous, native, aromatic, and digestible or preferred by the taste or nee... Read More »

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How do I protect grapevines from deer?

Deer DeterentsPut the dog in the area where the grapevines are; a barking dog will scare deer away. If this isn't an option then place bathroom bar soap shavings in a loose open bag and hang it fro... Read More »

Is ocalibracha deer resistant?

The most popular calibrachoa varieties are hybrids bred for greater disease and pest resistance. Deer generally avoid these hybrids, which are also less susceptible to root rot in the garden. Plant... Read More »

Are marigolds deer resistant?

Although deer will eat anything when hungry, they tend to shy away from certain plants and shrubs. Marigolds are one of them. In addition to marigolds, other flowering plants deer seem to dislike i... Read More »

Are impatiens deer resistant?

Impatiens, an annual flowering plant also known as Impatiens walleriana, is moderately resistant to deer. The Rutgers New Jersey Agriculture Experiment Station gave impatiens a grade of "C" for dee... Read More »