Are grapevines deer-resistant?

Answer On One Hand: Grapevines on Deer-Resistant ListsPlants are determined to be deer-resistant based on whether the plant is poisonous, native, aromatic, and digestible or preferred by the taste or nee... Read More »

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How do I protect grapevines from deer?

Deer DeterentsPut the dog in the area where the grapevines are; a barking dog will scare deer away. If this isn't an option then place bathroom bar soap shavings in a loose open bag and hang it fro... Read More »

Is Weigela deer resistant?

Weigela (Weigela florida) is a deciduous shrub that produces an attractive, multi-colored, trumpet-shaped flower in the early spring. According to the University of Georgia, weigela is a deer-resis... Read More »

Is calibrachoa deer resistant?

Calibrachoa is deer resistant, but a starving deer will eat nearly anything. This annual looks like miniature petunias on spreading stems. It is a good choice for a ground cover in deer country.Sou... Read More »

Is mint deer resistant?

Deer have a hearty appetite and enjoy eating most of the plants they find growing in gardens and flower beds around your home. Although no plant is truly deer resistant, mint is one plant deer no... Read More »