Are government job offers negotiable?

Answer On One Hand: Typically Not NegotiableJobs in the U.S. government have salary ranges dictated by federal law, leaving little room for negotiation, according to the U.S. General Services Administrati... Read More »

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Are checks negotiable by endorsement?

According to All Business, a Dun and Bradstreet website, a check is a written order to pay which is "negotiable by endorsement and delivery to the paying bank," which must then pay the check amount... Read More »

Are airline prices negotiable?

Airline ticket prices can be negotiated on websites such as, and The best way to negotiate airline prices is to be flexible with dates and times, and to be able to a... Read More »

Are mortgage rates negotiable?

On One Hand: They Are NegotiableAccording to The Mortgage Professor's website, mortgage rates are generally negotiable. The only variable is whether you're dealing with a commissioned loan officer ... Read More »

Is a line of credit a negotiable instrument?

A line of credit is not a negotiable instrument. According to the U.S. Uniform Commercial Code, a negotiable instrument is a document that states a promise to pay the owner of the documents. The mo... Read More »