Are government grants for real?

Answer On One Hand: Legitimate Government GrantsThe government offers a wide array of grant funding for organizations, companies and sometimes individuals. These opportunities generally have specific requ... Read More »

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Are government grants to buy homes real?

On One Hand: Scams AboundFraudsters have been known to trick people into paying for help in getting a grant in an effort to get their bank or credit card information or enroll them in programs that... Read More »

Are government grants for real or a scam?

On One Hand: Federal Grants are RealEvery year, the federal government pays out billions of dollars in grants for everything from lunch subsidies to research funding to construction investment. The... Read More »

Federal Government Real Estate Grants?

The federal government is the largest provider of grants in the United States with 26 federal grant-making agencies that together award $500 billion in grants and loans each year, according to Gran... Read More »

Has anyone read the book by Matthew Lesko who has "grants grants grants by the government just to give away"?

The problem with Lesko is that he lists down grant giving organizations -- but misrepresent what grants they give. For example, he will classify a foundation as a grant giving foundation for those ... Read More »