Are gout&back pain related?

Answer On One Hand: Gout Does Not Directly Cause Back PainGout, a form of arthritis caused by a buildup of uric acid in joints, does not generally cause pain in the back. It normally causes joint pain in ... Read More »

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Is back pain related to a UTI?

On One Hand: Back pain may originate from UTIBack pain may originate from intra-abdominal disorders such as kidney diseases, pelvic infections and urinary disorders such as kidney stones or urinary... Read More »

Are constipation&back pain related?

On One Hand: Many Things Cause Back PainAccording to, back pain can be caused by many different things. Other than simple things like fatigue and poor posture, it can be associa... Read More »

How to deal with stress related joint pain need help?

I am a mainframe computer operator for the U.S. Government and when these monsters brake guess who gets the blame? I am 61 and find it getting harder and harder to get stress under control. However... Read More »

Pain in ovary and small red patch on stomach, are they related?

It's not related, if you have a cyst or infection at your ovary it won't be visible outside and never showed up with a pink blotch. So wait what will be shown next week when having the ultra sound,... Read More »