Are gliders good exercise?

Answer On One Hand: Good Form of ExerciseA glider is a home use elliptical machine, smaller and more compact than the large elliptical machines used in a gym setting. You get on and move your legs back a... Read More »

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How to Make Good Paper Gliders?

You've probably made your fair share of paper airplanes. You may have noticed that some, generally the pointy-nosed ones, fly more accurately than others. What you may not have noticed is that very... Read More »

Is this good exercise?

I'm just warning you, running for an hour on the treadmil is tough. I'm 14 and it took me two months to be able to do it. I burn 800 calories an hour and I run at a speed of 7 mph. I would start wi... Read More »

Are scooters good for exercise?

On One Hand: Scooters for ExerciseA kick scooter, which is a non-motorized scooter, is a fun way to exercise. It is a cross between riding a bicycle and riding a skateboard, both of which are great... Read More »

What a good exercise?