Are glass oral thermometers more accurate than digital oral thermometers?

Answer On One Hand: Digital is recommends using digital thermometers based on the fact that they are "inexpensive, widely available, and are the most accurate way to mea... Read More »

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Are digital thermometers accurate?

A digital thermometer is the most accurate type of thermometer, according to the Ohio State University Medical Center. Digital thermometers are also called electronic thermometers. Digital thermome... Read More »

How Long Should a Glass Thermometer Be Left in the Mouth for an Accurate Oral Body Temperature?

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How long should a glass thermometer be left in the mouth for an accurate oral body temperature?

It can take anywhere from one to 12 minutes to accurately measure oral body temperature using a glass thermometer. Three-minute timing, which is common, can be inaccurate. To be sure, a glass therm... Read More »

Are the paper thermometers that come with incubators accurate?

Paper mounted thermometers are not reliably accurate. Heating to a precise temperature is critical for successfully incubating eggs. Use multiple thermometers in an incubator to assess the accurac... Read More »