Are glass bottles allowed on airplanes?

Answer It is always wise to check with individual carriers, but as a general rule glass bottles are not prohibited on airplanes. However, depending on the size and content of the bottle, it may not be all... Read More »

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Soda bottles on airplanes?

if you carry that luggage on you won't have to worry about them exploding because airport security wont allow that much liquid on, however if you check your baggage i dont think the bottles will ex... Read More »

Are laptops allowed on airplanes?

Yes, you can bring a laptop computer on an airplane. You may need to remove it from its bag for inspection when passing through the security checkpoint. Some airlines even allow you to access Wi-Fi... Read More »

Are GPS units allowed on airplanes?

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), there is no prohibition against bringing your GPS aboard in either your checked or carry-on luggage. Your ability to use it in flight ... Read More »

Are air compressors allowed on airplanes?

Air compressors are allowed on airplanes but they have to be decompressed first. Large air compressors will have to be in an appropriate carrying case and checked as baggage. Smaller air compressor... Read More »