Are glass baby bottles better than BPA-free plastic?

Answer On One Hand: Glass Baby BottlesGlass baby bottles are sturdy and do not contain chemicals that may get into infant formula. However, glass baby bottles are heavy and breakable. Silicone sleeves for... Read More »

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Is it better to drink water from glass bottles rather than plastic?

If you leave your water bottles in a hot car a lot it is better to use glass instead of plastic. Otherwise, you can use BPA free plastic bottles with no worries.

If plastic water bottle lid melted badly onto dishwasher element would other plastics absorb toxins if present Concerned about toxicitycontamination of plastic baby bottles in washer at time?

You can, however, this may cause tarnishing of any exposed copper.

How do I sanitize plastic baby bottles?

PreparationFill your kitchen sink with 1 to 2 gallons of water. Add 1 tbsp. of bleach for every gallon of water. Make sure you have enough water to completely cover all bottles and parts that will ... Read More »

Can glass baby bottles be boiled?