Are girls more likely to graduate from high school than boys?

Answer On One Hand: Girls Drop Out at an Alarming RateNearly one in four girls reportedly drop out of high school before earning their degrees. This number increases when factors such as ethnicity and rac... Read More »

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Are boys or girls more likely abused?

Girlz r mre likely 2 get sexually abused, But boyz r d 1ns doin it.

How to Cope when There Are More Girls Than Boys at a Party (for Girls)?

So you've got a party with a bit of an imbalance between the boys and gals? Never fear, it's still a party and everyone is going to have the best time together. Here's how.

How girls get abuse more than the boys and why?

More girls are abused because more boys fight back. The boys fight back before it gets too violent, most of the times. Most girls wait until their lives are in danger to fight. Boys also have more ... Read More »

Do boys have more freedom than girls in the family unit?

Well boys do have more freedom than girls because mainly parents are very cautious of their \"LITTLE LADY\" growing up and their scared to let them go on about themselves. Parents are cautious abou... Read More »