Why do girls have bigger thighs than guys?

Answer I think guys are able to make muscle quicker and women need that mid-section with more fat for bearing children.

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Why do girls have bigger hips than guys?

Because men don't need to bear children. Hips are cool :D

GUYS ~ Do you pefer makeup on girls or not What's better?

Guys will tell you that they prefer less makeup but if you take it off they'll wish you put it back on. They don't realize what absolutely no make up looks like, so stick to natural make up and you... Read More »

Opinions, please Who gives better facials, guys or girls?

I get pampered buy a guy behind the 7/11 on a regular basis. He gives me a facial and a slurpie!!!

Why are girls better than boys in education?

The U.S. literacy gender gap is consistent in all 50 states. According to Education World, about 80 percent of today's high school dropouts are boys. Many factors contribute to this trend, and they... Read More »