Are giant pandas really bears?

Answer DNA testing has proved that giant pandas are bears and not related to raccoons, as red pandas are. Giant pandas share some characteristics with red pandas and do not share certain characteristics w... Read More »

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Why are giant pandas mammals?

In order to explain why giant pandas are mammals, the characteristics that are necessary to classify an animal as a mammal must be examined. While it is true that most mammals are warm-blooded and ... Read More »

Why are giant pandas endangered?

Indigenous to southwestern China, giant panda bears generate great interest worldwide. Beginning life as little bundles of joy weighing about four to eight ounces, these uniquely colored bears grow... Read More »

Do giant pandas migrate?

Giant pandas do not migrate, nor do they hibernate. In both their natural habitat and in captivity, these distinctive black and white bears typically spend their time one of three ways: resting, ea... Read More »

How much do giant pandas eat in one day?

The giant panda's diet consists primarily of bamboo. Because bamboo is low in nutrients, pandas spend at least 12 hours eating as much of 84 pounds (38 kg) of it per day. Giant Pandas may also eat ... Read More »