Are geraniums perennial?

Answer The geraniums that are common in North America and Europe are from the genus Pelargonium, are natives of South Africa and are perennial plants. Many gardeners use one or more of several common var... Read More »

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Are geraniums annual or perennial?

Geraniums are short-lived perennials that can survive up to five years in the right growing conditions. In areas such as southern California and southern Texas, geraniums last all year as ground co... Read More »

Do Japanese beetles kill only white geraniums or all geraniums?

Japanese beetles do not kill white geraniums; in fact, white geraniums are popular plants used to kill Japanese beetles. The leaves of these plants are poisonous to Japanese beetles, but they are a... Read More »

How much water do geraniums need?

Normal rain is enough to sustain geraniums in most areas. If you have had no rain, water geraniums at least once a week. Geraniums do not do well if they have wet leaves and flowers, so water early... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Geraniums?

Geraniums are flowering perennial shrubs. They offer the benefits of low maintenance, versatile growth habits, wide color selection and simple propagation, according to David Rodriguez, a horticult... Read More »