Are gas dryers better than electric?

Answer On One Hand: Purchase and Use CostAlthough gas dryers are typically more expensive to purchase than comparable electric dryers, gas dryers are less expensive to operate in most areas because natura... Read More »

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Are electric dryers 220v?

Electric dryers require 220V-240V current at 60 Hz to operate. They should be protected with a fuse or circuit breaker rated at 30 amperes. For safety, they must also be properly grounded, and the ... Read More »

Do electric portable dryers need to be vented to the outside?

The portable dryer does not require a vent to the outside. It is meant to be set up wherever needed, including a closet or a hallway, so the vent to the outside is not necessary.Source:Portable Cl... Read More »

Do electric clothes dryers have thermostats?

Just like gas-powered clothes dryers, electric clothes dryers may use either a thermostat or a moisture sensor. According to Consumer Reports, thermostats typically are found in the most basic, che... Read More »

Why do electric dryers vent heat and humidity outside?

rowlfe's suggestion of a diverter valve is is good but if the house has forced air heat, instead of installing a lint trap I run the diverted dryer exhaust directly into the furnace return air line... Read More »