Are gas dryers better?

Answer On One Hand: Electric DryersAccording to the California Energy Commission, electric dryers cost about $50 (2010 prices) less to purchase than gas dryers, making them a good option for people lookin... Read More »

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Is gas or electricity better for clothes dryers?

On One Hand: Gas Is More Expensive InitiallyAt the outset a gas dryer is more expensive, costing about $50 more (2010 prices)than a comparable electric model, according to Read More »

Are gas dryers better than electric?

On One Hand: Purchase and Use CostAlthough gas dryers are typically more expensive to purchase than comparable electric dryers, gas dryers are less expensive to operate in most areas because natura... Read More »

Are front load washer&dryers better?

On One Hand: Energy EfficiencyFront loading washers extract more water during the spin cycle which means reduced energy consumption during drying. They also use less detergent and water. Front load... Read More »

Are travel high heat hair dryers better to smooth hair?

On One Hand: Ionic Dryers Smooth Frizz BestTravel hair dryers are lightweight, compact and come in low, medium and high heat settings. The best ones mimic full-size models in their capacity to dry ... Read More »