Are gas dryers better?

Answer On One Hand: Electric DryersAccording to the California Energy Commission, electric dryers cost about $50 (2010 prices) less to purchase than gas dryers, making them a good option for people lookin... Read More »

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Can dryers run on lp gas?

A dryer can run on lp gas (liquified petroleum gas) as long as it is manufactured to do so or is outfitted with the proper conversion kit. Conversion kits are cheap (usually around $20) and fairly ... Read More »

About Blow Dryers?

Both women and men have been using blow dryers for decades to quickly dry and style their hair. This small appliance is considered such a necessity to every day grooming that hotels have permanent ... Read More »

The Best Ventless Dryers?

The earliest known clothing dryer, dubbed a “ventilator,” was invented in France in 1799. This primitive dryer was made out of a metal drum, and the heat to dry clothing was derived from a fire... Read More »

Are gas dryers better than electric?

On One Hand: Purchase and Use CostAlthough gas dryers are typically more expensive to purchase than comparable electric dryers, gas dryers are less expensive to operate in most areas because natura... Read More »