How good is this system to play games like skyrim and assassins creed 3is this a good gaming system?

Answer It might run AS3 and Skyrim on the lowest settings possible. That video card is absolute crap. Agree get at least a HD 7770 or GTX 650. My suggestion is to go for the 660ti if possible

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What is more important to a gamer for high graphics games a good graphics card or a good processor?

The most important by far is a good graphics card. Granted you need a decent CPU to play cutting-edge games, but your GPU accounts for roughly 75% of gaming performance. You get twice the fps wit... Read More »

Any Good games for Mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

some if you get parallels that will allow you to switch to the windows 'setting' even will let you get some down-loadable windows games like counterstrike but for mac straight up Call of duty 4: Mo... Read More »

Games for Good Manners?

True caring for others stems from the ability to treat people respectfully. Games are an easy way to instill this quality in children. When you use an activity to teach right and wrong behavior, he... Read More »

What are some good games for children?

Duck duck GooseRed Rover Red RoverWho stole the cookie from the cookie jarMusical chairs