Are futons ok for sleeping on every night?

Answer On One Hand: Get Used to the Futon Over TimeA futon mattress, like any other mattress, takes time to get used to. The first several days on a new sleep surface, regardless of the type of mattress, ... Read More »

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How to Start Sleeping With a Stuffed Animal Every Night?

Feeling a little stressed lately? Having trouble sleeping? Feeling alone? Read this article to learn how to start sleeping with a stuffed animal every night, its comforting and lovely, don't be emb... Read More »

Tmj!!!! I have a night splint and use it faithfully every night not now my bite is off.. What to do?

You could start by re-entering your question and then looking for the Health Care subject called 'Dental Health.'The question doesn't fit in first aid, and I know because I'm a Paramedic.Health car... Read More »

Awake all night and sleeping in the day?…It sounds like you may have a form of this. Hope you get the right help soon.

Trouble sleeping at night?

A lot of teenagers have problems falling asleep at night. It's natural for a teen's body to stay up at night. What time do you want to fall asleep? Maybe two hours before that time, try laying in b... Read More »