Are fuel cards worth it?

Answer On One Hand: Fuel Cards Offer Money RebatesFuel cards can be worth getting because most offer money back for every gas purchase made. The typical rebate amount is around 5 percent, meaning that a d... Read More »

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How to Tell If My Baseball Cards Are Worth Anything?

Collecting baseball cards has been a popular hobby since 1886, when the first cards were printed by a tobacco company. Since then, they have been inserted in a variety of products such as bread an... Read More »

How much are my Marvel cards worth?

The worth of your Marvel cards depends on their rarity and condition. Check the "Non-Sports Update Price Guide," for example, for price guidelines. Part of the card's value is also related to its c... Read More »

Are old baseball cards worth anything?

On One Hand: Some Cards are Worth a FortuneSome old baseball cards have sold for millions. According to, a 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth rookie card can be worth $500,000, and a 1909 min... Read More »

How do i check how much hockey cards are worth?

Card shopsGo to a sports collectibles shop and have them appraised. Not all shop owners will pay 100 percent of the value and some will not deal with hockey cards at all. If they do, they should be... Read More »