Are frozen vegetables good for you?

Answer On One Hand: Fresh is BestOne of the biggest trends in food preparation is using fresh vegetables grown by local farmers and eschewing frozen, out-of-season vegetables. Professional chefs believe t... Read More »

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Are frozen or tinned vegetables, ANY less healthy, or benificial than fresh vegetables?

Hi Dr. Gonzo! Fresh vegetables are ALWAY the healthiest. Processed food lose some of their nutrients. Processed includes but not limited to cooked, frozen, canned, and growned. While fresh vegetabl... Read More »

Frozen Vegetables Vs. Fresh?

When it comes to fresh vs. frozen, fresh, locally grown vegetables are best. However, frozen is a great alternative when fresh isn't an option. Knowing a few facts about vegetables will help you ma... Read More »

Can frozen vegetables cause botulism?

On One Hand: Naturally Present BacteriaThe botulism bacteria exists naturally in soil and water, so vegetables will likely come in contact with the bacteria prior to freezing. The bacteria itself i... Read More »

Can you refreeze frozen vegetables?

Frozen vegetables can be refrozen if they are still frozen or partially frozen. Avoid refreezing completely thawed vegetables in order to prevent spoilage, loss of nutritional value and diminished ... Read More »