Are frozen vegetables better than fresh?

Answer On One Hand: Frozen Vegetables and Nutritional ValueVegetables that are processed and frozen directly after harvest lose the least amount of nutrition. However, the process can cause a small loss o... Read More »

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Are frozen or tinned vegetables, ANY less healthy, or benificial than fresh vegetables?

Hi Dr. Gonzo! Fresh vegetables are ALWAY the healthiest. Processed food lose some of their nutrients. Processed includes but not limited to cooked, frozen, canned, and growned. While fresh vegetabl... Read More »

Are frozen berries better than fresh ones?

They are nutritionally about the same. Actually frozen berries can be better value because these days berries are frozen immediately after they are picked. So they are very fresh when frozen. By th... Read More »

Frozen Vegetables Vs. Fresh?

When it comes to fresh vs. frozen, fresh, locally grown vegetables are best. However, frozen is a great alternative when fresh isn't an option. Knowing a few facts about vegetables will help you ma... Read More »

Which Is Better: Frozen or Canned Vegetables & Fruits?

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