Are frozen berries better than fresh ones?

Answer They are nutritionally about the same. Actually frozen berries can be better value because these days berries are frozen immediately after they are picked. So they are very fresh when frozen. By th... Read More »

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Are frozen vegetables better than fresh?

On One Hand: Frozen Vegetables and Nutritional ValueVegetables that are processed and frozen directly after harvest lose the least amount of nutrition. However, the process can cause a small loss o... Read More »

Do you like the new ipods better than the old ones?

I personally like the new iPods better but I still have my 2nd generation ipod nano and its good but the new ones have more features and are overall better.

Are the new upright freezers better than the old ones?

On One Hand: Older Upright Freezers are CheapOld freezers are cheap and easy to find. Buying an old freezer offsets the environmental impact of manufacturing a new one. However, it will use more el... Read More »

Are darker screensavers better than the brighter ones?

I'm not postive but I've always been told/thought that darker screen savers save more energy because it takes less energy to display them.