Are fresh fruits safe to eat in Cancun?

Answer On One Hand: Raw Cancun Fruit is not SafeUnpeeled and raw fruit is not safe to eat in Cancan and can cause diarrhea. Do not eat raw fruits that you can buy at a street-side stand either. If you do ... Read More »

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How to Get Fresh and Glowing Skin With Fruits?

In order to get a perfect skin, many of us use artificial products which are quite harmful as they contain chemicals which can affect our skin.For ex: a nail polish contains 11 chemicals! Here's a ... Read More »

How to Preserve Fresh Flowers & Fruits?

Many gardeners enjoy making pretty bouquets from their flower gardens and creating dishes that use produce and herbs from other plots. When gardeners have a surplus of produce or flowers, some give... Read More »

Why are fresh fruits sprinkled with water at the market?

AnswerThey are sprinkled with water so they don't wilt and become unsightly. The water helps more nutrients and other substances.Water will diffuse into the fruits and vegetables and keep them crisp.

Can I bring fresh fruits to Hawaii interisland?

Although individual airlines may have differing regulations on shipping plants, fresh fruits and cut flowers such as leis on interisland Hawaiian flights, they generally do not require inspection. ... Read More »