Are fossils rocks?

Answer Rocks are a combination of minerals. Fossils were organic--ancient remains or traces of animals and plants. They can be the remains or the imprint of the remains, such as bones, teeth or shells. A ... Read More »

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Are there any fossils in metamorphic rocks?

Fossils tend to be found more in sedimentary rocks but can also be found in low-grade metamorphic rocks. Some have been found in the metamorphic rocks of the Coast range of Venezuela, which might c... Read More »

What are rocks that contain fossils called?

Rocks containing fossils are called fossiliferous rocks. Most fossils are found in sedimentary rock. This is due to the fact that organisms are trapped within layers of sediment. Occasionally fossi... Read More »

Do sedimentary rocks contain fossils?

Most fossils are found within sedimentary rock. The reason is, unlike other rock types, sedimentary rocks form under low temperature and low to even pressure conditions, preventing the fossil from ... Read More »

The Kinds of Rocks That Fossils Are Formed In?

Fossils are formed in sedimentary rock which are built from the gradual wearing away of the earth's surface by natural erosion. The soil and sand that slowly accumulates can trap animal skeletons ... Read More »