Are fossils bone or mineral?

Answer Fossils are minerals. Fossils are bone, teeth, imprints of an organism, feces or any part of an organism that was preserved. These parts decay and are replaced by minerals such as iron, calcite, ca... Read More »

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Factors Affecting Bone Mineral Density?

Bone mineral density loss is one of the most common problems people face as they age. This may result in medical conditions such as osteoporosis, a disease that causes a person's bones to become so... Read More »

What is the trace mineral boron good for I have seen it listed on mineral supplements.?

Boron as an element is widely present in soil and water, and may be an essential mineral for animals and humans. The dietary intake of boron is about 1 or 2 mg per day. Boron has the potential to i... Read More »

Making A Mineral Body Wrap Using Mineral Lotion?

Homemade cosmetics, lotions and beaty products gives you the ability to use your own approved ingredients. Natural beauty and body care is not only popular, but beneficial since it does not use man... Read More »

Has anyone before done a bone regeneration surgery for sever bone loss due to periodental deasese?

I've assisted on many bone graft procedures and it is wonderful technology. The bone they mostly use is cadaver bone that has gone thru rigorous testing for disease and sterilization. The success r... Read More »