Are former alcoholics allowed to adopt?

Answer In order for an adoption to become legal, all parties required to give consent must receive notice of the hearing and a standard petition must be filed. A hearing will be held and the judge will co... Read More »

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Should gay couple allowed to adopt?

Absolutely! The children of gay parents or adoptive gay parents are doing great.

Should singles be allowed to adopt?

I strongly believe that single, therefore being women or men, should be allowed to adopt a child. Many people say that a single person can't deal with the stress and pressure, well that's all a bun... Read More »

Are single people allowed to adopt?

Answer Not usually through an adoption agency in Canada at least. However one can go through the adoption process through a lawyer. Money talks! Often actors or people that are financially succ... Read More »

Should single men be allowed to adopt a child?

Any responsible adult should be able to adopt. There are way too many kids without homes to start making restrictions based on old moralities. I do feel having both parents is the best situation ... Read More »