Are forests renewable or nonrenewable?

Answer Some argue that calling forests "renewable" is misleading because, once a forest ecosystem is destroyed, it is very difficult---sometimes impossible---to rebuild it, and deforestation is a serious ... Read More »

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Are forests renewable?

According to Scientific American, forests are a renewable resource. Climate experts believe that allowing forests to regrow could help stymie global warming because forests are an important carbon ... Read More »

What does renewable& nonrenewable mean?

Renewable is defined as something, usually a resource, that can be replaced once used up. Nonrenewable is defined as something that cannot be reused, renewed or replaced, according to Investorwords... Read More »

Is oil renewable or nonrenewable?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, oil is a non-renewable resource. It was formed millions of years ago when land and sea animals were buried by layers of sand and then turned... Read More »

Are rubies renewable or nonrenewable?

Renewable materials are those that can be replenished as quickly as they are used. Natural rubies that are mined from the earth are not renewable, as they take many thousands of years to form.Sourc... Read More »