Are foreign stocks important to a portfolio?

Answer On One Hand: Diversification is Good.The economies of lesser-developed foreign countries have significantly greater growth potential than a mature economy such as that of the United States and grow... Read More »

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Why are stocks important to businesses?

Stock markets match investors with corporations. Corporations enter capital markets to line up financing, while savers seek profitable investments. Before investing money, recognize the role busine... Read More »

How to Purchase Foreign Stocks?

It is very difficult and expensive to set up a stock brokerage account in another country to buy stocks. After you set up the account, you are limited to buying stocks on that one stock market, in ... Read More »

How are foreign stocks traded?

A significant number of foreign companies trade on the U.S. stock exchanges. For most investors, it is safer and more cost effective to invest in the U.S.-listed foreign stocks than trying to open ... Read More »

How do I buy foreign stocks online?

Determine what kind of a foreign stocks you want to purchase: ADRs (American Depository Receipts), foreign ETF (exchange traded funds) or direct foreign stocks. Find an online brokerage firm that a... Read More »