Are fluorescent or incandescent black lights better?

Answer On One Hand: Fluorescent Black Lights Are Safe and DurableA fluorescent black light has several advantages over an incandescent black light. A fluorescent black light is up to four times more energ... Read More »

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Lights for Plant-Growing: Fluorescent vs. Incandescent?

Growing plants indoors is a popular activity, but it can be hard to provide enough light. Many plants, especially herbs and vegetables, require a lot of direct sunlight. Artificial lights can help ... Read More »

Output Watts of Compact Fluorescent Vs. Incandescent Lights?

The amount of light a light bulb produces is measured in lumens. The amount of energy a light bulb takes to produce light is measured in watts. Light bulb packages, including compact fluorescent li... Read More »

Are grow lights better for plants than fluorescent lights?

On One Hand: Fluorescents Can Be Used as Grow LightsFluorescent lights come in many types. Full-spectrum fluorescent lights are relatively inexpensive and easy to find and use. A full-spectrum fl... Read More »

Are grow lights better for plants than fluorescent?

On One Hand: Fluorescent Grow Lights for PlantsWhen using fluorescent lights to stimulate plant growth, it is important to use compact fluorescent (CFL) grow lights and T5 lights. The "T" in T5 lig... Read More »