Are floor cleaners harmful to pets?

Answer On One Hand: Hazardous ChemicalsAccording to the American Veterinary Medical Association, "Products containing bleach ... can cause stomach upset, drooling, vomiting or diarrhea, severe burns if sw... Read More »

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Laminate Floor Cleaners That Won't Harm Pets?

Laminate floors are made from several different layers compressed together, including wood and plastic components that are designed to make the flooring cheap and easy to install. Laminate flooring... Read More »

Household Cleaners Safe for Pets?

Household cleaners that are safe around all pets are those that contain natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals. While some pets can be sensitive to particular products, you can begin... Read More »

Is a Plantain Lily Harmful to Pets?

The plantain lily, known scientifically as Hosta plantaginea, belongs to the lily family. Prized by gardeners for its large, showy foliage, the plantain lily is a shade-tolerant perennial ground co... Read More »

Is asphalt driveway runoff harmful to pets?

On One Hand: Asphalt Driveway Runoff Is FilthyThe runoff from your asphalt driveway contains many forms of waste, including grass clippings, salt, debris and even the waste from your pet and your n... Read More »