Are floaters bad?

Answer On One Hand: Floaters Are Usually Not TreatedJust about every age group can get eye floaters, and they are usually just benign annoyances. Most of the time, optometrists do not even suggest that pa... Read More »

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Eye Floaters in my eye?

OMG I HAVE THE SAME THINGGG its strange to hear that someone else has it! omg. i told my mom once and she said that its a dust partacle in the back of you eye or somethin.. idk i would also like to... Read More »

How to Put on Dub Floaters?

Dub floaters are a type of vehicle wheel rim, manufactured by Dub Custom Wheels, designed to give the appearance that the wheels are not turning. They are similar in construction to "spinners" (whe... Read More »

Is floaters in eye bad at this age?

dude i have always had them.. i remember being litlte on the trip to flordia staring out he car widnow and seeing them i was probably about 7 years old.. heck now that i think abotu it i think... Read More »

Has anybody had eye floaters?

I have floaters also and whilst I have not had the operation done to get rid of them I do know a little about it.Basically the idea of the laser surgery is that the surgery is able to blast these p... Read More »