Are fleas&bed bugs the same?

Answer Fleas, or Siphonapterae, are not the same as bed bugs, or Cimicidae, but the pests are often confused for each other. Both are wingless, blood-sucking insects that leave itchy bite marks on their h... Read More »

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Are bed bugs&bed mites the same?

Bed bugs, although sometimes called bed mites, are insects, while mites are arachnids. Dust mites are more commonly referred to as bed mites. Both prefer beds due to the constant food supply.Bed Bu... Read More »

Are bugs& insects the same thing?

Bugs are specific types of insects. Some characteristics unique to bugs are a mouth shaped like a straw and wings that are thick and colored where they attach to the body and thin toward the end.So... Read More »

I have bites from these tiny bugs, but I can't get rid of the bugs?

Use appropriate insect repellants and protective clothing.

How do you kill water bugs of the Notonecta Species also called Backswimmer Bugs in a swimming pool?

Killing water bugs I am quoting a post in that was in pool problems.... This worked VERY well for me. No more bugs! I used BioGuard Back Up as my algecide. Once I balanced the water, I shocked it ... Read More »