Are flea drops safe?

Answer On One Hand: Flea Drops Can Be Toxic to Some AnimalsSome flea drop brands used to eliminate fleas have been found to be unsafe for pets. There have been cases of seizures, skin irritation and hair ... Read More »

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Why Is My Dog Still Scratching After Flea Drops?

Flea prevention is important for most dogs. Dogs can get fleas from being outdoors or from exposure to other animals. Fleas cause uncomfortable itching, exacerbate allergies and can carry diseases ... Read More »

Are eye drops safe for dogs?

On One Hand: Eye Drops Are PrescribedIf the dog has an eye infection, her vet can prescribe an eye drop to help her recover and regain full health. The infection can be viral or bacterial. The eye ... Read More »

Is it safe to use eye drops when pregnant?

Re-wetting and lubricating eye drops for dry eyes are safe to use during pregnancy, and for contact wearers, contact solution and enzymatic cleaners are also safe. Antihistamine eye drops for aller... Read More »

Is it safe to use systane eye drops during pregnancy?