Are fire extinguishers considered a health hazard?

Answer On One Hand: The Most Common IngredientFire extinguishers most commonly contain sodium bicarbonate as the powder that puts out the fire. Sodium bicarbonate is nontoxic, according to Poli-Seek. Thes... Read More »

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Can class k fire extinguishers be used on any type of fire?

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) rates Class K fire extinguishers for commercial kitchen fires. The extinguisher contains a potassium acetate agent ideal for smothering grease fires. The ... Read More »

Fire Extinguishers Recommended by Fire Departments?

Fire extinguishers are very useful safety tools in both putting out fires and slowing them down to allow for a safe escape from the building. There are different types of fire extinguishers that wo... Read More »

How do I mount fire extinguishers?

Select the LocationPick the location to mount your fire extinguisher by the type of activities you do in your home. The kitchen is the most popular, and important, spot to mount a fire extinguisher... Read More »

How do I position fire extinguishers?

Position Close to Danger AreasPlace fire extinguishers close enough to potential danger areas so they are convenient and reachable during an emergency situation. Such areas include kitchens, firepl... Read More »