Are financial statements important for a business?

Answer On One Hand: Useful for Obtaining CreditA financial statement prepared by a certified public accountant, or CPA, will lend credibility to your company's performance as well as provide a basis for a... Read More »

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How to Create Personal Financial Statements for Business Owners?

Personal financial statements are a set of 2 documents that display what you own, owe, spend and net in annual income derived from your business. The documents are a balance sheet and an income sta... Read More »

How do I Write Financial Statements in a Brewery Business Plan?

Financial statements are the means through which you can communicate information to your prospective investors. It is indispensable to include a set of financial statements to show the expected res... Read More »

How to Forecast Financial Statements Using the Forecasted Financial Statements Approach?

Most people remember hearing the story about a genie in a bottle as a child. This genie offers the finder of the magic lamp three wishes. For the investment analyst, one of those three wishes would... Read More »

How Are Business Transactions and Financial Statements Related to the Accounting Equation?

Investors, lenders and managers rely on published financial statements to evaluate company performance and make decisions. Investors decide which companies to put their money into. Lenders determin... Read More »