Are fig leaves edible?

Answer On One Hand: Fig Leaves Are EatenThere are several cultures who prepare and eat fig leaves as a healthy green. While many people have heard of wrapping fish in fig leaves to steam, these leaves can... Read More »

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What leaves are edible?

A wide variety of leaves are edible, here are just a few examples, salad leaves such as lettuce, rocket, watercress. Herbs such as parsley, thyme and basil. Also vine leaves, celery leaves and cabb... Read More »

Leaves of Vegetables That Are Edible?

There are more ways to eat a vegetable than you realize. Many of the vegetables you eat regularly have leaves and stems that are completely edible -- parts of the vegetable you have probably been t... Read More »

Are the leaves of eggplant edible?

In my experience, no. I've seen it bubble and warp from the heated drying.

Are leaves from cabbage plant edible?